NHR 2019: April – September

National Homoeo Recorder
2019: April – September

Volume: XV Issue: II, III ISSN: 2348-6880

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Sl. No. Title Author(s) Page No.
1 Editorial Subhas Singh 1-2
2 Research protocol: A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled efficacy trial of individualized homeopathic treatment of geriatric depression Shubhamoy Ghosh*, Sk. Jahir Abbas, Kaushik Deb Das, Sangita Saha, Himangshu Hait, Sukhdeb Maity, Anamika Basu, Sk. Swaif Ali, Munmun Koley, Subhranil Saha 3-10

Perspective: Adverse effects in homoeopathy

Nitika Sharma , Nitin Magotra *, James Michael, Nivedita Kundu, Arunava Nath, Maneela Tomar 11-16
4 Original Research: An open-label randomized pilot trial to study the effectiveness of Allium sativum mother tincture (Ø) in comparison with individualized homoeopathic medicines in treatment of dyslipidemia Navin Prakash Ray*, Usha Uchat, Rajib Purkait 17-27

Original Research: A cross-sectional study to find out the prevalence of obesity in children taking excessive dietary sodium and the effect of Natrium muriaticum on presenting complaints in such cases

Doris Lalrinawmi*, Gautam Ash 28-35
6 Case Report: Vitiligo of long standing and its successful homoeopathic treatment: A case report Satarupa Sadhukhan*, Eiphrangdaka L.Suchiang, Shabana Yeasmin 36-40

Case Report: Effect of Individualized Homoeopathic medicine in Psoriasis: A Case Report

Hanuman Ram *, Minakshi Kamboj 41-46
8 Book Review: Decoding Mental Rubrics Subhas Singh *, Lokanath Behera 47-48
9 Research Highlights Arunava Nath 49-50
10 Submission Guidelines: Instructions to Authors Click Here to Submit 51-52