NHR 2019: January – March

National Homoeo Recorder
2019: January-March

Volume: XV Issue: I ISSN: 2348-6880

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Sl. No. Title Author(s) Page No.
1 Editorial Subhas Singh 1-2
2 Perspective: Epigenetics and homoeopathy: A brief overview of the scientific studies and reflection of the concept in homoeopathic literature James Michael*1, Eiphrangdaka L Suchiang2 3-6

Research Protocol: Efficacy of Dioscorea villosa 6CH in treatment of dyslipidaemia: A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial

Kisor Kumar Naskar*1, Ompriya Mishra2, Abhijit Chattopadhyay3, Aniruddha Banerjee4, Ashutosha Kumar4, Jasleen Luthra5, Laijun Nahar5, Mohammad Karim6, Ritika Asthana5, Seeta Singh4, Tirthankar Banerjee6, Anamika Basu7, Sk. Swaif Ali7, Munmun Koley8, Subhranil Saha9 7-14
4 Original Research: Effectiveness of Epiphegus virginiana 30CH in comparison with individualized homoeopathic medicines in treatment of tension type headache: An open-label, randomized, pragmatic, pilot trial Nisha Ganguly1*, Abhijit Chattopadhyay2 15-23

Original Research: Clinical adaptability of Kent’s repertory in the homoeopathic treatment of sciatica pain: An open, observational trial

Deepak Pandey*1, Amitava Samanta2 24-33
6 Original Research: Utility of Kent’s repertory in homoeopathic treatment chronic bronchitis: An open, observational clinical trial Showket Ahmad Bhat*1, Avijit Shee Burman2 34-45

Original Research: Short Communication: Efficacy of Uva ursi in urinary tract infection in adults: Single-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, pilot trial

Himangsu Hait*1, Samir Kumar Bhattacharyya2, Arup Das3, Rupali Bhaduri4, Veena P Bharti4, Anjan Roy5 46-51
8 Case Report: Homoeopathic Treatment of Lipoma Susreema Mukherjee* 52-54
9 Research Highlights Arunava Nath 55-57
10 Book Review: Panchkosha: Homoeopathy is Divine Science: by Dr. Deepa U Raje Nimbalkar Subhas Singh1, Tauqueer Alam*2 58-59
11 News and Current Events: Report on Scientific Convention on World Homoeopathy Day, April 9-10, 2019, held in New Delhi Satarupa Sadhukhan 60-61
12 Obituary: Tribute to Dr. Ramkrishna Ghosh Mondal (Jan 1, 1931 – Jan 25, 2019) Syed Afsar Ali*1, S Seetha Lakshmi2 62-63