NHR 2018 Jan-Mar: Editorial

Year : 2018  |  Volume : XIV  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 2

Editor in-chief

In principio we from the editor’s desk would like to convey our heartiest regards to our inestimable readers in accepting the new digital format of your favourite journal. 

This issue of “National Homoeo Recorder”, highlights on the current advancements of Homoeopathy in the scientific arena and its present status in the global scenario. This is a period of turbulence where the very survival of Homoeopathy is at the cross-roads. National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill 2017 has raised certain basic issues regarding the medical facilities being provided and regarding the education that is being imparted. Proposed Bridge Course has raised a furore. Both for and against having their own argument, some realistic, some emotional. Homoeopathic world both for and against have given their submission and they are awaiting the decision of the Government.

It’s high time when we should remember the diligence and devotion of our past torch-bearers, through them Homoeopathy is still persisting and has been able to keep its head held high. One such great pillar is none else than Dr. Mahendra Lal Sircar, the frontrunner not only in Indian Homoeopathy but as a pioneer in the National Science Movement during the British Raj era. A luminary who sacrificed and dedicated his whole life fostering the noble cause of Homoeopathy. He was the founder-secretary of Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS)-one of the India’s oldest research institutes. Dr. Hem Chandra Ray Chaudhuri, L.M.S., during his obituary reminiscence to Dr. M.L. Sircar reverberated “O SIRCAR, OH OUR UNCROWNED KING, YOU HAVE FORSAKEN US! WHY YOU HAVE LEFT US IN THE DAWN, GIVING ONLY A PART OF YOUR LIFE.” It is impertinent here to mention that in his statue at IACS at Kolkata (above), this great scientist is shown to carry only book which is none other that our own Hahnemann’s Chronic Diseases.

We salute the great soul to give us the courage, so that we can overcome all the impediments and can follow the path shown by him in this period of identity crisis and stand high among the perturbation.

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