NHR 2018 Jan-Mar: Proposition of Cancer Treatment by a New Drug in Homoeopathy – Scorpion Venom

Year : 2018  |  Volume : XIV  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 3-6

Proposition of Cancer Treatment by a New Drug in Homoeopathy – Scorpion Venom

Dr. Chandrima Roy1

1Postgraduate Trainee, Department of Homoeopathic Pharmacy, Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Karnataka; E-mail:chandrimaroy02@gmail.com


Chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer patients, as it is being experienced, have the negative biological response to them. In contrast thereof, the polarized dilute Scorpion Venom solution helps treating cancer, preventing cancer, relieving pain, improving immune-system response, reducing inflammation, improving quality of sleep and minimizing negative biological response to chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer patients.


Rhopalurusjunceus, scorpion venom, cancer cells, apoptosis, necrosis.




Now-a-days, with the advent of latest modern medicines, various life-saving drugs and anti-biotic drugs, treatment of various ailments has become patient-friendly and within the control of human-beings. Cancer, a complex multi-factorial disease and often called a terminal disease is one of the leading causes of death around the world at large. More than 27,000 cases of carcinoma are diagnosed each year. This disease has become the leading cause of death among children aged between 5 and 10 years.

Cancer is mainly dependent on cellular accumulation of various genetic and epigenetic events. As it is being experienced, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgical operations are the only key tools for treatment of cancer. There can be no denial for the fact that these methods of treatment cause severe systemic side-effects. It has now become a great challenge to the medical fraternity to evolve the best method for treating the patients suffering from cancer. For this reason, several therapeutic approaches have been emerging to overcome the complications of different cancers. Therefore, searching and discovering of new drugs for the treatment of the ailments arising out of cancer, especially,those derived from the natural products is increasing throughout the world. Homoeopathy, a system of alternative and holistic medicine and other medical system as well has an interesting natural source for cancer therapy and it is made known to all of this fraternity that,scorpion venom is that medicine.

Right from very ancient time, Scorpion Venom has been in use as the traditional medicine to treat various diseases in some countries like China and India. Wider uses of the same include the treatment of seizures, pain and cancers. In Cuba, Scorpion Venom Rhopalurusjunceus, which belongs to Buthidaefamily, has also been in use for therapeutic purposes from 19th century.

Against cancer cells, scientific evidences about the biological activity and spectrum of action of the Scorpion Venom are found. As against the chemical composition and action modes, Scorpion Venoms have the diverse effects, the same are widely known for containing enzymes, peptides, carbohydrates, lipids, biogenic amines and many other components. The presence of toxic peptides that recognizes ion channels, mainly Na+ and K+ is the attribution of the lethality of the scorpion venom. The most important peptides for toxicity are the alpha- and beta-scorpion toxins, which are specific for Na+ channels.


Scorpion venom: probable solution to an old problem

Following the cause of death arising out of cardiovascular diseases, the disease of Cancer has become the second leading cause of mortality for more than last four decades.

In 1980, blue Scorpion Venom was researched in the Cuban province of Guantanamo.  It is found that Rhopalurusjunceusvenom has in itself analgesic, anti-inflammatory & anti-tumoral properties. On tumoral cells, especially tumors of epithelial origin, venom has a great deal of influential effects to cure.

Venom of Rhopalurusjunceus can be used to treat a wide range of cancers in the organs such as- liver, brain, breast, cervix, pancreas, colon, prostrate and lungs.1For inhibiting the growth of tumoral cells, five peptides from the venom has been isolated and is proved to have the ability. It induces cell death through an apoptotic mechanism. It has become the complementary treatment for tumoral diseases as the inhibiting action thereof confirms the certainty and efficacy of using this substance.

From the analysis of crude venoms, it is established that venom of Rhopalurusjunceus has definite actions all through cancer cells. Atherises Bulk Spectrometry clearly exhibits those signals, which are consistent with Scorpion Venoms with significant sets of masses, solution, located around 3 – 4 KD a (predominantly potassium station inhibitors).

Through recent Oncological studies, it is proved that polarized Scorpion serum of Rhopalurusjunceus has the astonishing clinical success and it has very promising future. From the effective responses of the patients, it is gathered further that it has the property for lowering Oncological markers as well as pain, increasing the appetite and provide the state for better sleep. Blue Scorpion serum showed an 89.5% success-rate in the quality of life. Thousands of stage IV Carcinoma patients who were only given months to live are still alive today, years after 1st taking Blue Scorpion serum.2


Cancer pain management with the venom of Rhopalurusjunceus

It is an established fact that Cancer patients treated with the venom of Rhopalurusjunceusare gradually experiencing an unexpected total pain relief with a good recovery of muscle strength, vital energy and gaining capacity to cope up with the daily activities such as taking meals, walking and interacting with relatives and care-givers. It has analgesic, anti-tumoral, anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative activities in the experimental models in-vivo and in-vitro studies. It is firmly believed that Scorpion Venom has the ability to treat a currently incurable form of Brain Cancer, known as Glioma.3


Process of administration

The process is surprisingly simple and straight forward. The poison in question is required to be put through a system of electrical stimulation and to combine it with distilled water. This will form a solution, which defers in composition according to patient’s condition and type of cancer. The compound can be applied orally, by aerosol or douching.4

Rhopalurusjunceus is usually given to the patients at 30CH potency. It can help to increase survival rates of cancer patients, prevent the spread of cancerous cells and improve the quality of life. A descriptive and retrospective study was conducted. Patients suffering from cancer are treated successfully with it. There is a gradation of pain-scale listed as shown hereunder:

Pain Scale

Level 0: Absence of pain.

Level 1: Minimum or moderate pain that requires no treatment or the use of pain relieving medicines.

Level 2: Severe pain that requires constant use of pain relieving medicines

Level 3: Impairing pain that cannot be relieved by the use of medications.

Assessment of the pain relief effect was made in the first year of treatment. In the analysis, a particular feature that struck the attention was:this medicine has remarkable analgesic effects, especially when the percentage figures of pain-afflicted patients at the beginning of the treatment; suffering from severe or impairing pain was a hopping 88.3 percent. Three months following the treatment, the overall health of patients improved as the number of cases, suffering from level 2 and level 3 pain, went down to 47.05 percent. Following a full year of treatment with Scorpion Venom, around 76.47 percent of patients only suffered from minimum or moderate pain (Level 1).

The most important variable, assessed in this study was: the survival rate of patients, suffering from advanced stage of cancer and were treated with this medicine attained survival years during a five-year period. The survival rate of those patients who were treated with this medicine clearly showed better quality of life. It was tested on good number of cancer patients with positive results yielding in improving quality of life and stopping growth of tumor. Based on the evidence of safety and efficacy, provided by the preclinical research, Rhopalurusjunceus 30 CH potency was applied in a controlled study of good number of cancer patients of both sexes with confirmed histo-pathological diagnosis. Five drops of 30 CH potency was administered at every 12 hours. Samples were grouped by location, neo-plastic families, stage of evolution of the disease, treatment received and the presence of cancer neoplasia. At the conclusion of the study period, it was found that this medicine has the most sensitive effect on lungs, prostate, colon, breast and uterus. Similarly, it is demonstrated that administration of medication in 96% of patients, led to a life greater than twelve months regardless of the location and stage of cancer in those patients for whom there were no treatment options, available in conventional medicine. Another important clinical outcome to be mentioned that 90% of the patients, who received Rhopalurusjunceus30 CH potency had reported improvements of clinical symptoms, based on the consultation and in 62% of them, initial pain evolved into a milder form that did not require treatment, necessarily to their relief, while in 27% of the said patients group, there was absence of pain. The latter aspect of the medicine in question is practically improving the quality of life. 62% of the patients complaining of severe pain with continuing medication (Level 2), after treatment with this medicine passed to the conditions of minimal or moderate pain without further medication (Level 1). General improvements are listed below:

  • Improvement in pain
  • Improvement of inflammation
  • Improvement in hematological parameters
  • Improvement of appetite
  • Improvement of general health
  • Improved function in organs and systems affected
  • Weight gain
  • Reduction of cough
  • Desire to live

Thus, it can very well be observed that the use of 30 CH potency of Rhopalurusjunceus can increase the survival rate and slow down the growth of tumor without causing undesirable symptoms.


How it works?

The Blue Scorpion Venom contains a protein chain that attacks cancer cells, although it is not known exactly which of the chain is at work.

Rhopalurusjunceusvenom is able to cross the Blood-Brain Barrier and can reach to the nucleus of the malignant cells.

Administering apoptosis, a biological mechanism through which cytotoxicity takes place, Blue Scorpion Venom provides benefit to the human body. Apoptosis, as it is found, diminishes unhealthy inflammatory response, improves efficacy of chemotherapy, supports growth of healthy cellular tissues, and is essential to the body’s natural ability to destroy cancerous tumors.  Apoptosis is the primary mechanism, by which RhopalurusjunceusVenom relieves pain, improves quality of sleep, reduces inflammation and minimizes negative biological response to chemotherapy and radiation treatment.5



Scorpion Venom represents an interesting natural source for cancer therapy. The venom from Rhopalurusjunceus induces anti-cancer effect against epithelial cancer cells. In numerous clinical trials and study so far, Rhopalurusjunceus Scorpion Venom solution has been shown to be safe and effective.

It is also found that it causes and gives effects to slow down and/or reverse the growth of tumors. It is an established and duly diagnostically proved fact that Blue Scorpion Venom produces apoptosis in carcinoma patients. Apart from these, Rhopalurusjunceusvenom never been shown to produce an inflammatory response or necrosis. Rather, it has extremely potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects and it is extraordinarily compliment to traditional therapy including – surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy.

This perspectiveprovides an idea of usingRhopalurusjunceusvenomin the field of oncology and demonstrates further that the apoptotic and necrotic effect of venom is probably due to the sensitivity of cancer cells.



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