NHR Apr-Sept 2019: Book Review: Decoding Mental Rubrics

Book Review: Decoding Mental Rubrics

Subhas Singh *1, Lokanath Behera2

  1. Editor-In-Chief, National Homoeo Recorder: Head of the Department, Organon of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy, National Institute of Homoeopathy, Govt. of India
  2. Head of the Department, Repertory, National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata, Govt. of India

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Publisher: Self

Edition: 1st

Place: India

Length: 380


Author Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad is a prolific writer, a well-known teacher and practitioner in Homoeopathy. His association with “The Other Song Academy” is quite prosperous for the cause of the humanity. One of the close associates of world famous Homoeopath Dr. Rajan Sankaran; the influence of Dr. Sankaran is quite visible in the writings of Dr. Gaurang.

Decoding Mental Rubrics” by Dr. Gaurang is completely a new concept. In this book he has conceived the idea to correlate the mind symptoms of the patient with the building blocks of the repertory i.e. rubrics. Inspired by many other famous homoeopathic practitioners he has carefully jotted down the symptoms of the mind and its finest expressions in the rubric form as narrated in various repertories.

Many times, students face difficulty in converting the mind symptom of the patient; may be due less understanding of the mind rubrics. They end up with memorizing the rubrics without understanding its clinical application.

Various authors have published several literatures giving insight in to the mind rubrics to students. Some of them deal with mind rubrics of specific repertories only. This new book “Decoding Mental Rubrics” by Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad is unique. Author has tried to explain the rubrics along with its origin from authoritative sources like Knerr

Repertory, Allen’s Encyclopaedia, Herring’s Guiding Symptoms, Materia Medica Pura etc. This gives the book a new dimension. It will help students to convert the mind symptoms into appropriate mental rubrics. Now students and practitioners will hunt these source books like Knerr Repertory, Allen’s Encyclopaedia which are being put into lesser use. It will be of immense help to understand the mental rubrics thoroughly; so they can further use the book in their future clinical endeavour.

For postgraduate students, it proves to be the cherry on the cake. Use of source books gives them a robust explanation to the rubrics.

Homoeopathic system of the medicine is based upon sound scientific principles; all the practitioners try to follow the instruction of Founder Practitioner. Changed disease scenario, life style and geolocation of patients have diversified the modality of practice. Different practitioners while following the fundamental principle had different practical approach & difficulties. Nevertheless, all of them have tried to achieve the “Mission of the Physician” and having success stories in achievement of the mission. Few of them publish it. Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad and Late Dr. Rameez Chougle have taken the pain to express the successful achievements of various practitioners; he has magnified the practice of those practitioners in the betterment of the science and society.

One such attempt of Dr. Gaikwad is clearly visible in his book where he has shown the clinical experience of his mentor Dr. Rajan Sankaran in the clinical application of mental rubrics.

A closer relook to the rubrics and their description explains a comparative statement regarding the presentation of the symptoms in the various drugs of our Materia Medica; this is another unique approach by which the author has successfully interlinked the complementary relationship between Materia Medica and Repertory. On the hindsight it also gives ample opportunity to verify the theme of the symptoms in the Materia Medica and its corresponding representation in repertory.

The authors have devoted their precious time, knowledge and resources in describing drugs and their rubrical representations in the repertories. The sad and premature demise of the Co-Author of the book Late Dr. Rameez Chougle, could not deter Dr. Gaurang in completing this huge assignment alone. This shows his dedication and devotion towards the Science of Homoeopathy.

With the publication of “Decoding Mental Rubrics” the long wait of Homoeopathic fraternity for such a literature has come to an end. This book commands a special place in the personal libraries of students, practitioners, researchers, and teachers.


The other side of the book are having few technical as well as cosmetic constraints. A table of content in the beginning and an index at the end will make the book a standard literature. Maybe mentioning the rubrics and page numbers would be much helpful in reading the book. Original gradation of drugs & font style as has been printed in the source repertories must have their mirror image in this book without any deviation in the font style viz. Page 13. – mind, ABRUPT, affectionate, yet: 4 PULS. This shall make the Decoding Mental Rubrics a distinct literature.

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