NHR Jan-Mar 2019: Case Report: Homoeopathic Treatment of Lipoma: A Case Report

Homoeopathic Treatment of Lipoma: A Case Report

Susreema Mukherjee*

Homoeopathic Physician, Kolkata;

*Correspondence: susreemamukherjee4@gmail.com


Lipomas are common benign tumours of mature fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue. There may be one or many and lipomas are rarely a familial trait. Lipomas appear commonly on proximal aspect of extremities, but these can appear anywhere in the body. These are irregular in shape and soft in feeling on touch. They are rarely painful. They need to be removed only if there is doubt about the diagnosis or if they are painful or unsightly. Aetiology of lipoma is far from clear. Homoeopathy can provide better response in such cases. This case report is an evidence of successful treatment of lipoma by Homoeopathic medicine. Patient attended clinic chiefly with complaint of tumour in dorsal surface of left elbow joint. He was suffering from this complaint since last 6-7 years. After unsatisfactory outcome with allopathic medicine he turned to Homoeopathic treatment as he was advised to go for surgical removal of the growth. After detailed case taking, repertorization and consultation with Materia Medica, Calcarea carb was prescribed in LM potency. Starting from low gradually the potency was increased as per the response of the medicine upon patient. Within 2 weeks of Homoeopathic treatment, the growth started decreasing in size. On his last follow-up visit, there was no growth in his elbow.

Keywords: Lipoma, Homoeopathy, Case report


Lipomas are common benign mesenchymal tumors developing anywhere in the body. The anatomy depends on the tumour site. Subcutaneous lipomas are freely movable and not attached with underlying fascia. Its reappearance can be prevented by removal of fibrous capsule. Subcutaneous lipomas need removal to increase cosmetic value.


Demographic information: A Hindu man of 58 yrs age residing at Baruipur, South 24 parganas, West Bengal; Illiterate, Green coconut seller.

Main symptom: Tumour at dorsal surface of left elbow joint.

History of present complaints: No cause found. Onset was gradual. He has taken allopathic medicine for above complaint with no relief.

Past history: Chicken pox at the age of 10 yrs, no treatment done.

Family history: Father – Died, was suffering from hypertension.

Personal history: He has good marital relations. He has good relation with family members. Living in a dry, well ventilated environment


 TABLE 1: Timeline including follow-up of the case

Date Main


Generalities Clinical findings Diagnostic


Therapeutic interventions
11th November 2017 Tumour at dorsal surface of left elbow joint General aggravation from cold and amelioration by warmth. Chilly thermally.  Appetite moderate, can tolerate hunger. Aversion to Sweet and intolerance of brinjal, which causes itching of whole body. He has desire for eggs. Thirst is profuse (5-6 lit/day). Tongue is moist, thin white coating, having imprint of teeth. Perspiration is profuse, offensive, whole body, especially on head. Mentally mild, soft spoken, likes company. Mental anxiety about the tumour, whether it will change into malignancy. Face: Anxious

Built: Avg.

Nutrition: Avg.

Height: 184 cm, Weight: 74 Kg, Temperature: 98.40 F. Built: Normal, Anaemia, Jaundice, Cyanosis, Oedema, Clubbing absent, Lymph node swelling: Nil.


System: Bronchial and vesicular breath sounds audible, no added sound.

Respiration Rate: 16/minute,


system: S1, S2 audible. Pulse Rate: 88 bpm.

Blood Pressure: 122/80 mm of Hg.

Nervous system: Patient is Alert, conscious, all superficial and deep reflexes are normal.

GI system:

Tongue coated

Thin white. Peristaltic

Sounds are normal.

Physical examination of the tumour: The tumour is very soft, non tender, movable on every side, not attached with underlying structure. Fluctuation test positive.

It is a case of lipoma.

Medicine was

selected as

per totality of


Medicinal therapy:


Calcarea carbonica 0/1 in 50 millesimal potency, manufactured in India by Hahnemann Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd., 16 Doses, once daily, early morning, empty stomach, for 16 days.

Advised not to eat brinjal and spicy food.

26th November 2017 The tumour slightly reduced in size. Mental anxiety about the tumour decreased than before. His other generalities are same as before. BP is 120/80 mm of Hg. Pulse: 80 bpm. Other systemic examinations, not done. The tumour slightly reduced in size. Rx

Calcarea carb 0/2 16 doses, once daily for 16 days.

Advice: As before

24 December 2017 The tumour much reduced in size. Mental anxiety about the tumour much decreased than before. Other generalities same as previous visit. BP: 120/78 mm of Hg, Pulse: 16 bpm. Other systemic examinations not done. The tumour markedly reduced in size. Rx

Calcarea carb 0/3 16 doses, OD * 16 days.

Advise: As before

7th January 2018 No visible tumour on the elbow joint. No mental anxiety about tumour. Other generalities are same as before. BP: 120/80 mm of Hg. Pulse: 16 bpm. Other systemic examinations not done. No tumour is palpable. No medicine was prescribed.

Advise: Same as previous visit.



Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 3

Visit 4




Homoeopathy treats the person as a whole, and annihilates the disease manifestations (signs and symptoms) in its whole extent. In this case report, a single case showing

remarkable improvement by individualized homoeopathic medicine on lipoma case was presented. Further study on a large scale on this subject is needed to establish the fact.

Consent for publication: A written consent for publication had been obtained from the patient.

Funding / Conflict of interest: None

Acknowledgements:  The author acknowledges the patient for cooperation.



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