NHR Jan-Mar 2019: Editorial

Editorial: National Homoeo Recorder

Subhas Singh*

Editor-in-Chief, National Homoeo Recorder
Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of Organon of Medicine and
Homoeopathic Philosophy, National Institute of Homoeopathy
*Correspondence: drssubhas@gmail.com

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann is one of the very few non-religious and non-political personalities and a probably singular medical person whose birthday is celebrated by so many and at so many places. In India, every homoeopath worth his name celebrates Hahnemann’s Birthday in his own way and in his own style. Every homoeopathy college, homoeopathy clinic, homoeopathy shop and homoeopathy association mark the 10th April as the red letter day to pay respect to the founder of homoeopathy, may it be by offering some flowers petals or by organizing a seminar with huge attendance. Recently Ministry of AYUSH of Government of India has started to mark 10th April as World Homoeopathy Day and have been organizing a big program in large scale in New Delhi where delegates and resource persons come from different parts of India and foreign countries.

10th April is Dr. Hahnemann’s birth date and we celebrate it for the same. But on this date, we should also remember and be encouraged by the life and contribution of Hahnemann. It should also be the date to celebrate all our stalwarts who have faced opposition, hardship and suffering and we must venerate them for their courage, faith and wisdom for they did not change and chose the easy path but strode on the road of obstacles and difficulties and ultimately played their part in establishing homoeopathy to its present status from which we all are benefitting. This date is also the day to remember all whose labours and dedication, sacrifices and services brought, slowly but surely, the glory to homoeopathy.

10th April should also be the day to introspect what role we are playing in the progress of homoeopathy. Today, when homoeopathy is at the crossroad for it, is facing challenges not only from outside but also from our own brethren. When in name of progress, modernization and ‘going with the time’ the basic tenets of homoeopathy is being disrupted and its originality being diluted, 10th April should also be day to take solemn oath to reaffirm our faith in the Hahnemann’s homoeopathy, proudly call ourselves ‘orthodox’ and live the  motto of our Master – Aude Sapere. Let this day be the day also to remember that it is our duty and responsibility to make our younger generation realize that government job is fine, but private practice should not be the last but the first option to get name, fame and prosperity through homoeopathy. This way only we can express our respect and pay true homage to Hahnemann.

I conclude by quoting two paragraphs from the Writings of Dr. Mahendra Singh: ‘Immortal Benefactor! Each homoeopathic clinic shall be thy tombstone, every cure thy epitaph, individual homoeopaths shall be thy monument, each homoeopathic institution thy temple, thy shrine where people of different ages and different ranks, different destinations and different stations, shall congregate, to tell and hear, thy life, they titanic greatness and achievements, the sad legends of those limitless sufferings, those inhuman calumnies and vilifications, misdeeds and atrocities to you, those tearful tales of endless privations and persecutions, those exhaustive torments and tortures of hunger and starvations, conspiracies and treacheries, desertion by friends and family bereavements, shall be told with tearful eyes, with heavy hearts and in voices choked with emotion.

And there shall thee remain, My Master, My Light, My Guide, an object of pride and exaltation in human history, read in languages unknown, of nations unborn, by sects innumerable, with admiration unsaid, faith undaunted, loyalty unflinching, reverence unbound and devotion unlimited, immense, infinite, Amen! AMEN.

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