NHR July-September 2018: Editorial: Pharmacovigilance started in homoeopathy

Pharmacovigilance started in homoeopathy

Dr. Dilip Panakkada; MD (Hom)

Professor and Head, Dept. of Homoeopathic Pharmacy

National Institute of Homoeopathy, Govt. of India

*Correspondence: drdilipan@hotmail.com


Dear friends,

It gives me immense please to write this editorial for the National Homoeo Recorder, one of the peer-reviewed leading e-journals in homoeopathy.

‘Pharmacovigilance’ has been started in Homoeopathy!!!!! And homoeopathy is going ‘Global’. The Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India as a part of its initiative “mainstreaming of AYUSH systems”, providing “Safe drug”, “globalise AYUSH systems” took this bold step of introducing Pharmacovigilance in Homoeopathy also.  So Homoeopathy has come under the drug safety monitoring mechanism under guidance from World Health Organization (WHO). The “All India Institute of Ayurveda”, New Delhi was designated as “National Pharmacovogilance Coordination Centre (NPvCC) and National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata as Intermediary Pharmacovigilance Centre (IPvC) for Homoeopathy.  Under National Institute of Homoeopathy (IPvC), there are 7 Peripheral Pharmacovigilance Centres (PPvCs) at present, and the network is in the process of expanding. This initiative is aimed to curb “misleading advertisements” in homoeopathy, and to cultivate a “reporting habit” amongst healthcare professionals of the system regarding Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) and Adverse Drug Events (ADEs).  The professionals in the system can contact the IPvC in the email address: ipvc.nih.kolkata@gmail.com. The IPvC, at National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata has organized the first CME on Pharmacovigilance to sensitize the stakeholders in this regard on 20th September 2018.  The delegates included doctors of West Bengal State Government posted at different districts of the state, faculty of state govt. colleges as well as faculty of National Institute of Homoeopathy.  The response was awesome and they took home a message “we will continue to cooperate”. Dr. Abhijit Chattopadhyay, (Director in-charge, NIH) inaugurated the function and Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Panakkada (Co-ordinator (IPvC), NIH), Dr. Prasanta Kumar Sarkar (Director WB State Medicinal Plant Board), Dr. Subhro Bhattacharyya (Nodal officer, AYUSH, WB), Dr. Achintya Mitra (Scientist-3, CARIDD), Dr. Subhas Singh (Professor, NIH) delivered their speech as resource persons in the CME.

Let us hope that this will be a boon to the profession as this will ensure “safe medicine” that will be monitored throughout its life cycle, and protect consumers from misleading advertisements. Yes, homoeopathy is really achieving global standards.


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