NHR Oct-Dec 2018: News and Current Events: One Day Programme on Pharmacovigilance in Homoeopathy

One Day Programme on Pharmacovigilance in Homoeopathy

For the first time ever, a one day CME on Pharmacovigilance was held at National Institute of Homoeopathy, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700106 on September 20, 2018 to create awareness related to adverse drug events of homoeopathic drugs and to cultivate reporting habit amongst the health care professionals. The programme was hosted by Intermediary Pharmacovigilance Centre – Homoeopathy, National Institute of Homoeopathy.

About 50 delegates, most of them from different parts of West Bengal (including members of the faculty from other homoeopathic teaching institutions as well as HMOs, CMOs, DMOs) attended the programme. The teaching staff, Programme Associate (Pharmacovigilance) and Post graduate trainees (PGTs) were also part of the programme.

The programme was inaugurated by Prof. (Dr.) Abhijit Chattopadhayay, Director-in-charge, National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata, by lighting the lamp. Welcome address was given by Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Panakkada, HoD, Homoeopathic Pharmacy, and who was also the Co-ordinator for Intermediary Pharmacovigilance Centre at NIH. Presidential address was given by Prof. (Dr.) Abhijit Chattopadhayay, Director in-charge and Dr. Gautam Ash, former director in-charge also spoke on the occasion. Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Panakkada presented the topic “Pharmacovigilance in Homoeopathy – Overview and Framework”. Shri Prasanta Kumar Sarkar, Director, West Bengal State Medicinal Plants Board, Kolkata, spoke and emphasized on “Need of Pharmacovigilance of the AYUSH medicine preparation”. Dr. Subhro Bhattacharyya, Medical Officer (Hom.) WBHHS, Dept. Of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal, presented and emphasized on “Pharmacovigilance in Magic Remedies”. Dr. Achintya Mitra, Research Officer, AYUSH, Scientist-3, Central Ayurveda Research Institution for Drug Development, Minister of AYUSH, Kolkata, spoke on the topic “Reporting and Exploration of Adverse Drug Reaction in AYUSH Practices”. Dr. Subhas Singh, Head of Dept. of Organon of Medicine, National Institute of Homoeopathy, spoke on “Pharmacovigilance in Homoeopathy – Challenges with reference to Homoeopathic Philosophy”. The entire session was interactive and speakers answered many queries of the participants, including practice session of how to report the adverse events to higher authorities.

The programme was successfully ended with valedictory function and distribution of certificates to all the delegates and PGTs. Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Panakkada coordinated the entire programme successfully with the support of Director-in-charge, Ex-director-in-charge, Head of the Dept. of Organon of Medicine, Pharmacovigilance Officer and PGTs of Dept. of Homoeopathic Pharmacy and other Departments of NIH, Kolkata. Feedbacks were collected from all the guest delegates, who expressed their gratitude and shared their views regarding the CME on Pharmacovigilance. Homoeopathy looking forward to organize future CME in order to enhance awareness related to adverse drug events.

Compiled by:

Dr. Maga Rija

Postgraduate Trainee

Dept. of Homoeopathic Pharmacy

National Institute of Homoeopathy

E mail: uniaape@gmail.com, and

Dr. Satarupa Sadhukhan

Postgraduate Trainee

Dept. of Organon of Medicine

and Homoeopathic Philosophy

National Institute of Homoeopathy

E mail: satarupadrsadhukhan@hotmail.com

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